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Good Service Just Isn’t Good Enough

Businesses across the country provide good service. Unfortunately, good service fails to deliver the WOW factor that turns satisfied customers into loyal clients and enthusiastic promoters of your brand.

There are only two possible reasons why your employees aren’t delivering that level of service:

1. They don’t know how
2. They don’t care

There are only two solutions:

1. Train them
2. Let go of the ones who don’t care

ITS training gives your staff the knowledge, customer service skills and motivation to WOW customers with every interaction. Our realistic workplace simulations challenge your employees to discern the difference between merely good customer service and service with that game-changing WOW factor.

Once employees understand what exceptional service looks like and their managers empower them to deliver that level of service, your business will gain a decisive edge over your competitors.


customer service skillsEmployee development training made a difference at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). JHRM has been using ITS customized hotel training, restaurant training, retail sales training and resort guest service training, professionalism training and leadership development training since 2010.  Results from an independent customer satisfaction survey company out of Denver showed that since hiring ITS to create and deliver training, their customer satisfaction scores have sky-rocketed. Forbes named JHMR the top ski resort in the United States in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and they are at the top of the list again for 2016.

COE Jerry Blann said, “Our employees did a great job this past year. Their customer service scores were higher than ever largely due to the ITS employee training programs.”

ITS works with you to explore your training needs and present options.

  • Use just one title or build a curriculum from our existing library of industry-specific programs. Or let ITS develop customized courses* to meet your specific training needs.
  • Our packages can include optional forms of learning support, such as onsite assistance with delivery of the training, translation into other languages, and offline distribution or compatibility with mobile devices.

ITS online training may be the perfect answer to your training needs.

  • It’s easy to access and available 24/7 so you can train new hires immediately.
  • You can choose any time for training based on an individual employee’s schedule and personal preference.
  • ITS training allows employees to practice their customer service skills in a safe environment where mistakes become learning opportunities that can’t damage your business reputation.
  • Our Learning Management System (LMS) tracks and reports on each employee’s performance.
  • Built-in survey questions evaluate employee satisfaction with the training.

ITS believes change starts at the top.

Changing the behaviors of customer-facing frontline staff depends on support and reinforcement from the management team. The ITS training approach recommends leadership training for your management staff.

  • Leadership need to be trained to exhibit the same behaviors as those expected of the frontline staff.
  • Leadership need to be trained to coach and mentor employees as they try to transform undesirable habits and behaviors into those that are the benchmarks of exemplary service.
  • Leadership need to be trained on how to evaluate potential employees, how to hire the best, and how to train those employees and evaluate their performance.

To train your leadership team, ITS offers a full suite of hospitality management, restaurant management, retail management and health care management training courses.



tetonclub_logo(1)“When we first approached ITS in the summer of 2011, the leadership team at The Teton Club was struggling with serious communication and teamwork issues. ITS was hired to come onsite and work with our leadership team to break down these barriers and create culture change. One year later, I can say that the work done by ITS far surpassed my expectations. Their approach was targeted, customized and personalized.  We now have a team that is cohesive, a team that is committed to continuing to use the skills we learned from ITS, and a team that works smoothly and effectively to manage our facility and provide superb service to our clients.”   Teton Club General Manager, Steve Michel.

ITS can deliver training that fits your budget.

ITS works with you to successfully match your needs to your budget.  Prices vary based on the number of employees and your desired level of customization.

Please contact us (info@itsimulations.com) to find out how you can put our experience to work for you and develop excellent customer service skills for your business.