Custom Employee and Management Training

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Customized Employee and Management Training

ITS can tweak existing customer service and management training content to better express your company standards or create all new content specific to your needs. You work closely with the ITS instructional design team throughout the process to achieve your training goals.

Customization options include:

1) Just a Few Edits

Perhaps the ITS content suits your goals, but you want scenarios that reflect your specific location and provide a realistic immersion experience for your employees. No problem. ITS design staff work with you to enter edits and provide you with a personalized training program.

2) Full Customization

We start with the basic principles taught in the ITS courses, then edit both text and multimedia content to generate a proprietary course that reflects your company culture.

3) Start From Scratch

Our instructional designers work with you to design one course or a suite of courses to specifically address the training needs of your company, from customer service to safety to operational best practices.


alyeska logo2Alyeska Resort has been with ITS since 2008, and has used ITS customized training programs for their hotel, restaurant, retail and ski mountain employees and leadership team.  Hotel manager Mark Weakland says, “We’ve observed noticeable change since using ITS for our management and frontline staff training. Now our managers and our employees both have the same vision of excellence. We repeatedly receive customer comments from our core audience reflective of our investment in ITS training. This initiative has proven extremely valuable in our long-term positioning strategy.”


Customized Learning Management System Portal

Our robust Learning Management System (LMS) hosts all training courses online and provides great flexibility in assigning courses to your employees, customizing email messages and tracking employee progress. ITS learning management specialists assist in setting up your account and designing the most efficient method of enrollments and reporting based on your needs.

ITS learning management specialists can also work with your HR department, learning manager or marketing department to provide a fully customized LMS portal with your branding so your employees enter the training site directly from your intranet. Customization to the standard learner dashboard shown here includes your images, colors and branding elements.

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FuzionFuzion Energy Services implemented safety training produced by ITS and “It is the best investment we made in 2015,” says Jason Reed, CEO. “Our safety scores have improved dramatically and in a year which was difficult industry-wide, we saw increased opportunity in the oil- and gas-field service industry because of our scores. We would recommend their outstanding process and professional attitude to anyone.”