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Health Care Training Courses


You may not think of health care as a competitive business, but patients do have choices in this increasingly crowded field. To succeed, you must positively distinguish your practice from all the others.  Your staff need to see their patients as guests in gowns.  Our health care training follows customer expectations laid out in the HCAHPS and CAHPS. Our courses prepare your staff to care for your patients and their family members with competence, confidence and compassion.

  • Training anytime you need it. ITS can train your employees 24/7 – all courses are delivered online.
  • Employee recognition. Each employee receives a personalized certificate upon completion of a course.
  • Track employee performance. ITS can send you daily, weekly or monthly detailed training completion reports.


Frontline Staff Training

health care training


Care With Compassion

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it, that influences each patient’s perception of care. This programs targets staff development of critical communication and compassionate caring skills through the use of specific health-care scenarios.




An employee’s attitude and appearance affects your patients’ perceptions of service. This course standardizes professional expectations for health-care workers and can include an optional game show-style quiz.



Workplace Harassment Prevention

Employees learn to recognize actions that create a hostile workplace environment and how to prevent situations that can result in harassment claims.

Management Training



Coaching Your Employees

Managers learn to build respect and provide feedback in ways that motivate employees to improve their skills.



Conflict Management

Supervisors explore why employee disagreements develop and how to prevent them. They learn when intervention is appropriate and how to manage difficult situations.



Developing a More Efficient & Productive Team

Encourage your managers and department supervisors to develop a team leadership dynamic.

For more information on health care training, call a sales representative at 307-733-4188. Volume discounts, unlimited usage agreements and resort packages that combine elements of hospitality, restaurant and retail training are available.