Retail Sales Training


Retail Sales Training Courses


With broad competition in retail, you must positively distinguish your business from all the others. Training your employees to deliver outstanding customer service is the surest way to do this. Delivered in a safe virtual environment, ITS retail sales training lets your staff explore best practices, learn from their mistakes, and prepare to assist your customers with competence and confidence.

  • Training whenever you need it. ITS can train your employees 24/7 – all courses are delivered online.
  • Employee recognition. Each employee receives a personalized certificate upon completion of a course.
  • Track employee performance. ITS can send you daily, weekly or monthly detailed training completion reports.


Frontline Staff Training

sales training


Customer Service Training

Solidify customer loyalty with an exceptional shopping experience. Retail-specific simulations teach your staff how to add the WOW factor to the service they deliver.

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An employee’s attitude and appearance affects customer service. This course standardizes professional expectations for retail employees and can include an optional game show-style quiz.



Success in Retail Sales

Show your staff how to effectively assess customers’ individual needs and increase sales with value-added suggestions.



Workplace Harassment Prevention

Employees learn to recognize actions that create a hostile workplace environment and how to prevent situations that can result in harassment claims.

Management Training



Coaching Your Employees

Managers learn to build respect and provide feedback in ways that motivate employees to improve their skills.



Conflict Management

Supervisors explore why employee disagreements develop and how to prevent them. They learn when intervention is appropriate and how to manage difficult situations.



Hire, Train, Evaluate – The Best Team

Develop your biggest investment, your employees, and learn ways to prevent staff problems that might otherwise lead to costly legal expenses through standardization of employee hiring, training and evaluation processes.


Workplace Harassment Prevention

Managers learn how to deal with workplace bullying, mitigate harassment problems before they escalate, and handle harassment claims.

For more information, call a sales representative at 307-733-4188. Volume discounts, unlimited usage agreements and resort packages that combine elements of hospitality, restaurant and retail training are available.